À propos de nos programmes

WANEP adopts a two-pronged approach in programming: a national approach led by the national secretariat and a regional approach coordinatedfrom the regional secretariat. At national level, the national networks assume responsibility and ownership of their programme with technical support from the regional secretariat. WANEP principles emphasize ownership of peacebuilding practice. Given that the national networks understand their situation and realities , they are in a better position to engage their communities and government and intervene effectively. Our national networks facilitate a more bottom-up approach and allow their intervention to reflect the peculiarities of the issues of human security in their various countries.

At regional level, it is acknowledged that factors that fuel conflicts and their escalation in our sub-region are no respecters of artificially-imposed boundaries. Our regional programmes cut across national networks and are designed to increase leverage in engaging diverse actors at regional and international level. Overall, WANEP’s strategy is to locate, empower, support and accompany local actors as they respond to conflicts within their communities.